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Jan 30, 2015


Vancouver, British Columbia, January 30th, 2015. Newport Exploration Ltd. ("Newport "or "the Company") is pleased to provide an update on drill results and successful conversion of Exploration Licenses ("PEL's") to Production Licenses ("PRL's") in the Cooper Basin in Australia, which are subject to the Company's 2.5% gross overriding royalty.

Production Retention Licenses Granted

Beach Energy Ltd ("Beach") reports that on PEL 91, twenty-two Production Retention Licenses have been granted with designation numbers PRL 151 to PRL 172 which secures tenure for this Western Flank oil operation for up to 15 years.

Beach also reports that on PEL 106, two PRL's have been granted with designations number PRL 129 and 130, which secures tenure for this Western Flank wet gas operations for up to 15 years.

PRL's 151 to 172 (Formerly PEL 91)

Beach reported that drilling continued during the December quarter on the PRLs 151 to 172 and PPLs 253 to 256, formerly known as PEL 91. Six new Bauer development wells, Bauer-14 to -19, were all cased and suspended as future oil producers. As reported by Beach in their Quarterly Report ending December 31st 2014, and in a news release dated January 29th, 2015, oil production increased 3.5% to 423 kbbl (net), mainly due to higher production from the Bauer field. Bauer-12 and -13 came online last year and contributed a full quarter of production. Bauer-14 and -15 were brought online in December 2014 and the Bauer-16 to -19 wells will be brought online early this year. Infrastructure upgrades continued, including flowline de-bottlenecking and preparation for fluid handling capacity increases at the Bauer facility.

The Bauer-16 to -19 wells are part of a broader full field development plan aimed at optimising production through the development of the highly productive Namur Sandstone reservoir. Following the success of the four-well pad drilling program in the December quarter, Beach has brought forward the drilling of an additional four development wells, with Bauer-20 to -23, starting in early 2015.

Hanson-2 was drilled as a development well approximately 450 metres to the east of the currently producing Hanson-1 well. Hanson-2 was cased and suspended as a future Namur Sandstone and McKinlay Member oil producer. The well intersected the target top Namur Sandstone with six metres of net oil pay in the McKinlay Member and Namur Sandstone reservoirs.

Well High / (Low) to Prognosis (Metres) Namur Sandstone Oil Pay (net; metres) McKinlay Member Interval (gross; metres)
Bauer-14 (0.6) - 4.1
Bauer-15 2.2 5.5 4.3
Bauer-16 (1.1) 3.5 4.5
Bauer-17 3.1 5.5 4.2
Bauer-18 0.7 6.6 4.2
Bauer-19 4.2 8.7 3.9

PRLs 129 and 130 (formerly PEL 106)

Sales gas and LPG production increased 25% to 89 kboe (net), mainly due to limited downtime at the Moomba processing facility. Condensate production decreased 30% to 9.5 kboe due to reduced gas flow from Canunda-1.

The five-well exploration and appraisal campaign, which is proximal to the existing Canunda field and gas pipeline to Middleton, is near completion. The program is targeting gas and gas liquids in the Patchawarra Formation and Tirrawarra Sandstone. The Ralgnal-1 exploration well spudded and is currently drilling ahead.

The Company continues to strongly encourage shareholders and potential investors to access information released independently by Beach and Drillsearch Energy Limited in order to keep current during an active period in the exploration and development of these permits.

For further information contact:

Ian Rozier, Director and Chief Executive Officer
+1 604 685 6851

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